Saturday, August 1, 2009

Busy Day!!

So today was blueberry picking day for us!! My sis-in-law came up and we went picking out to a place near Wellsboro,PA. Really cheap!! We picked 43 quarts total. I took 23 and she took 20(I have the bigger family). The day in a nutshell? Really soggy ground, really muddy feet, lots and lots of berries, REALLY bad sunburn (on me), three dirty boys--will the fun never end??
Now the next thing we need to get done is garden work. I am sure I have green beans that need picking, and lots of weeds that need hoeing, etc.etc. Things are growing well, but we have had sooo much rain, I am afraid things will rot in the ground soon.
I also made yummy gluten-free cookies yesterday. Something like a brownie, but not quite...mmmmm
All for now--love ya'll!!!

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