Monday, August 31, 2009

How I have spent the last Week

We have been on "vacation" this last week at my dad-in-law's house. My bro-in-law is here with his family and two of his youth group members. Earlier in the week there was my sis-in-law, her hubby, and their foster daughter. So it's been a busy, yet relaxing week. We went hiking one day to Rickett's Glen, a waterfall hike near Muncy, PA. Beautiful!! However, it was hard to hike in the pouring down rain. We went one-quarter of the way down the gorge and then back up.
We have cooked over the campfire several times, which has been fun. And have cooked a couple big breakfasts which were good!!
Let's see, I worked on the stones for my business--must have near thirty of them done!! I have read a few books, and done a lot of swimming (d-i-l has a pool). Played with my boys, tooks some naps, used disposables instead of cloth diapers, and now I'll tell you the best part of the "vacation"--learning how to split wood.
HUH?? I am sure you all think I am nuts. But really, my b-i-l was splitting firewood for my d-i-l and I asked if I could help. So Jon showed me how to use the maul, and I've split wood three different times over the last few days. Today I did nearly the whole pile (minus three logs) by myself. Jon (b-i-l) has this weird splitting maul that is a six or eight inch long wedge, but it is just a triangle. I guess it's really old, and they have never found another one like it, but it is about 12 lbs. I would guess, and does the best job of splitting even the biggest logs! I have been surprisingly not sore, and as a SAHM of three children, I don't get to exert myself very often. It felt GOOD!! I will post photos tomorrow if I can get out and do some more. Who woulda thought?

Clarification On Welfare Post

I would like to clarify something about that post. I am in no way trying to slam or criticize those individuals who have occasionally used gov't asistance like food stamps or WIC when there is a lay-off of a job or something. Heaven knows my own parents did that when we moved and they couldn't find jobs that paid well enough to cover our meager expenses (we were a frugal family). My husband and I did that a few years ago when the babies were small (WIC), and things very tight. However, I am talking about a very temporary circumstance that isn't long term, and in no way attmepts to take unfair advantage of the assistance provided. In my parents and in our own situations, we were on a budget, accrued no debt that we could avoid, paid our bills faithfully, tithed, even in the worst of times, and sought to be as frugal as possible in our lifestyle choices (food, clothes etc).
My concern is for the individuals who seem to be wasteful in their habits, undisciplined, those just begging for govt assistance with no strings attached!
Give me your thoughts please.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rox? Roks? Rocks? Rawks? Rahks? Rocs?

So I have a sidebar that mentions the business idea I have been trying to get into gear. I finally gathered all the necessary tools, and have started production. Since I have finally figured out how to post photos on the internet, I will post pictures as soon as I finish them. I think however, since I don't know if home businesses are allowed to post on blogs, as in ordering through a blog, I will direct anyone who wishes to place an order to email me at my regular email, They are shaping up nicely!! Should be some pretty stones out soon!! By the way, what's the favorite spelling??

Monday, August 24, 2009

Berries Galore!!

I will put on pictures of the blackberries that I picked in Kane yesterday as soon as I figure out how to do so with the digital camera my mom is letting me borrow. Hubby and I picked 7 and 1/2 quarts yesterday!! Beautiful day to pick too. Not rainy, just parly cloudy and not overly hot or humid. That gives me 11 quarts frozen, and fourteen jars of jelly. WOOHOOO!!

How do Christians Respond to Welfare Families?

I have a load I would like to get off my chest. How do Christians respond to families that live wholly off of welfare?? Parents who don't lead their children or teach them,families who live slovenly, and whose personal choices and habits only contribute to their problems, and those who thinks that the government should come in and pay for everything?
How does a Christian respond to this kind of family?? Are we kind and loving only?? Do we always give to them when they ask and never ask back? Do we ever speak out against entitlements? Knowing full well that by so doing we are in essence saying," I think your livelihood should be removed completely."
I was thinking out loud to my husband one day and it occurred to me that there really all kinds of jobs that even disabled people could do, it just would take some dedicated Christian businessmen to start something like that. But why not? Why shouldn't the Christian community find ways of employing people who would otherwise end up on govt assistance??
Has anyone else thought this one through??

Monday, August 17, 2009


I am currently blogging from my parent's house in Kane, as we are here once again, making the most of the berry season, by picking furiously. I managed to pick enough to make a batch of jelly, plus three quarts to freeze. If the weather holds, we may come again next week, as the blackberries are NOT done yet--still a lot of green ones and red ones. Hats off and thanks to my dear mother who has sweetly been watching children for me while I go and pick, as children under five really shouldn't be wading into blackberry thickets to help...These are wild, scrubby, buggy, overgrown thickets that are treacherous underfoot, but loaded with the most beautiful berries!! Fat, juicy, as big as my thumb! Thanks to my dad who went with me this morning to pick, and to my friend Melody who went with me this evening.
Blackberry pie, here I come!!

This was soo neat.

If anyone has not heard of the Waller family, you need to. They are a missionary family to Israel with nine children. Their oldest boy, Brayden, recently got married and they followed a courtship/arranged marriage pattern. They were betrothed and then separated until he came to get her, and complete the marriage ceremony, much like Jewish weddings, all meant to symbolize the coming of the Messiah to claim us His bride!! They are working on a documentary of their wedding and it looks soo neat...To see more of this family go to and look on the children's page for wedding details. Very cool idea!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Busy-ness Continues...

The month of August has just been super-busy so far, and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down any. This weekend is to be my husband's first wedding that he will be officiating at as a minister. My dear mother is here tonight, and will be staying through Sunday, so she can care for our boys so that hubby and I can attend the festivities freely. Not that we don't love taking our children, but with Chara officiating, it would make things simpler to go without them. So, he is off for the next two days and we will have several hours together and without the boys...ahhhhh....the silence...the clean clothes....ahhhhh...I LOVE my children with a passion. But it is lovely when the Lord provides some opportunities for rest and time with a beloved spouse.
Anyway, next weekend, I plan to go berry picking back home in Kane where I grew up and know all the best wild berry spots!!
Somewhere in all this mess is our anniversary(happy one to us!), then we have an outreach in the town where we pastor during Old Home Week (local town fair). There are several things going on that week that we will need to be apart of. Then, we have a week of "vacation" camping at hubby's dad's place with brother Jon and his family, so that will be good, but busy. Then it's September!! And we will need to start focusing on homeschooling again!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Busy Day!!

So today was blueberry picking day for us!! My sis-in-law came up and we went picking out to a place near Wellsboro,PA. Really cheap!! We picked 43 quarts total. I took 23 and she took 20(I have the bigger family). The day in a nutshell? Really soggy ground, really muddy feet, lots and lots of berries, REALLY bad sunburn (on me), three dirty boys--will the fun never end??
Now the next thing we need to get done is garden work. I am sure I have green beans that need picking, and lots of weeds that need hoeing, etc.etc. Things are growing well, but we have had sooo much rain, I am afraid things will rot in the ground soon.
I also made yummy gluten-free cookies yesterday. Something like a brownie, but not quite...mmmmm
All for now--love ya'll!!!