Friday, June 26, 2009

been a long day

We are currently preparing for the weekend at our house, which includes my husband's 14 hour shift on Saturday, before Sunday church, where he preaches. This weekend, we will be going south to visit his family, including his mother, who has been battling cancer the last year or so. She isn't doing very well, and we are fearing that she may be nearing the end. Hubby's brother will be there with his family, and his sister lives in the area and has invited us to come pick peas, as hers are going crazy! His dad also told us to come prepare to pick cherries, as he hasn't had time to do so(due to taking care of Hubby's mom).
I have also been following the preparation leading up to the Reformation 500 Celebration through Vision Forum and wish I could attend!!(visit It looks sooo fun.
I am also currently trying to find the time to lay out and cut out a skirt pattern( I know I know, stop typing and go do it..) How do other people with multiple children EVER find the time to sew? Especially when you live in a small house?
Enjoying the quiet before bed...maybe I will actually get devotions done tonight, though I keep on meaning to do what they suggest in Passionate Housewives, and have my Bible reading time during the day, and include them in it...
Has anyone else ever done the dress test? I have been trying to wear dresses more, not just for Sunday. That is why I am trying to sew a skirt. Anyway, the idea is that people treat you different in a dress, and that you even feel different, more womanly, more feminine, etc. So, I am trying it, even though I really don't have enough dresses...hence the sewing...okay, I'll drop that get the idea.
And guess What!? Baby took a bottle before bed this evening, instead of nursing...I was just too hot and sweaty...Hey, weaning has to come sometime, and when I am hot, the last thing I feel like doing is nursing...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It is late, we had a busy Sunday, and my visit home is half-gone. I hope that over time, I begin to pick up a following for my blog. I would love to connect with people in this way, the way I have been so richly blessed by reading and connecting to people on other blogs. Plan to spend tommorrow weeding my parents' garden, help dad mow the grass, bake bread, and a few other things.Good night!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I so enjoy reading other people's blogs, and now that I have one of my own, I stare at the blank computer screen and go--huh? What do I write now?
At the moment, I am visiting my mother with my children so that my dear husband can have some needed moments alone to pray, plan out his sermons, and not be in the thick of family life for a few days. As a pastor who works a full-time second job, we have found that he needs these times for rest and refreshing. The rebellious side of me wants to demand equal time. However, I am learning that true love wants to serve without gaining anything in return. Why is it that we can serve people we have never met,(mission trip) yet those we say we love with all our hearts, we have limits on what we will do to serve them?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!
This is brand new for me. I have just learned how to blog from my mom. that is a switch these days:)
Hopefully, I will create more and add things as I learn. See you later!