Monday, August 24, 2009

How do Christians Respond to Welfare Families?

I have a load I would like to get off my chest. How do Christians respond to families that live wholly off of welfare?? Parents who don't lead their children or teach them,families who live slovenly, and whose personal choices and habits only contribute to their problems, and those who thinks that the government should come in and pay for everything?
How does a Christian respond to this kind of family?? Are we kind and loving only?? Do we always give to them when they ask and never ask back? Do we ever speak out against entitlements? Knowing full well that by so doing we are in essence saying," I think your livelihood should be removed completely."
I was thinking out loud to my husband one day and it occurred to me that there really all kinds of jobs that even disabled people could do, it just would take some dedicated Christian businessmen to start something like that. But why not? Why shouldn't the Christian community find ways of employing people who would otherwise end up on govt assistance??
Has anyone else thought this one through??

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