Thursday, August 6, 2009

Busy-ness Continues...

The month of August has just been super-busy so far, and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down any. This weekend is to be my husband's first wedding that he will be officiating at as a minister. My dear mother is here tonight, and will be staying through Sunday, so she can care for our boys so that hubby and I can attend the festivities freely. Not that we don't love taking our children, but with Chara officiating, it would make things simpler to go without them. So, he is off for the next two days and we will have several hours together and without the boys...ahhhhh....the silence...the clean clothes....ahhhhh...I LOVE my children with a passion. But it is lovely when the Lord provides some opportunities for rest and time with a beloved spouse.
Anyway, next weekend, I plan to go berry picking back home in Kane where I grew up and know all the best wild berry spots!!
Somewhere in all this mess is our anniversary(happy one to us!), then we have an outreach in the town where we pastor during Old Home Week (local town fair). There are several things going on that week that we will need to be apart of. Then, we have a week of "vacation" camping at hubby's dad's place with brother Jon and his family, so that will be good, but busy. Then it's September!! And we will need to start focusing on homeschooling again!!!

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