Sunday, January 8, 2012

I have been gone awhile

We recently signed up for internet again after not having it for well over a year. Perhaps I will pick up the blog again during these long winter evenings! What have we been up to, you ask?
Good question.
Here's a partial list:
Laura and Chara have been trying to eat better(children too!) and Laura has developed some tasty recipes using dates as the sugar!
We purchased an eliptical machine to provide us with some exercise!
Laura has been sprouting her own wheat and grinding it with her own grain grinder. Soon she will experiment with sourdough.
We still use cloth diapers--do i need to explain how long this takes?
Laura has been trying to learn to knit socks.
We have four children--two of which are homeschooling--yeah--busy!
Chara has enjoyed attending amateur church sport leagues--basketball and volleyball.
We went north for Christmas to visit both sides of the family.
The biggest? Our dish washer broke, and we have had to do all our dishes by hand! (Big deal you may say, but 6 plates x three meals is 18 plates, and three pieces of silverware times six is 18 pieces per meal times three is sixy-four pieces per day, not including serving or cooking ones...or pots, or cups etc!)
And no, I'm not pregnant again--yet....but you never know?