Monday, August 31, 2009

Clarification On Welfare Post

I would like to clarify something about that post. I am in no way trying to slam or criticize those individuals who have occasionally used gov't asistance like food stamps or WIC when there is a lay-off of a job or something. Heaven knows my own parents did that when we moved and they couldn't find jobs that paid well enough to cover our meager expenses (we were a frugal family). My husband and I did that a few years ago when the babies were small (WIC), and things very tight. However, I am talking about a very temporary circumstance that isn't long term, and in no way attmepts to take unfair advantage of the assistance provided. In my parents and in our own situations, we were on a budget, accrued no debt that we could avoid, paid our bills faithfully, tithed, even in the worst of times, and sought to be as frugal as possible in our lifestyle choices (food, clothes etc).
My concern is for the individuals who seem to be wasteful in their habits, undisciplined, those just begging for govt assistance with no strings attached!
Give me your thoughts please.

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