Monday, December 27, 2010

Can We Let God Be God?

I have been pondering lots of things lately, one of which was about a combination of why we don't evangelize--why we frequently are kind of closed mouthed about our Savior, and the role of God in our lives.
It occured to me that many of us(myself included) don't allow God to be God in our day to day lives.
What do I mean? Here is an example. We live on a budget that is getting harder and harder to stick to as our family grows. However, I believe that financial conservatism is a Biblical teaching. So, when, after all I can do, we run out of milk money, do I simply go out and spend money that I really don't have and cause my grocery budget to go in the red? Or do I say,"Okay, Lord, I have tried to do what I can to stretch this further. I don't have any milk money left. You will have to provide the money, the milk, or give us the grace and creativity to go without."
And then wait for His provision. We all too often feel that our problems are ours to solve. We don't even bother approaching Him for answers.
We sing songs at church about God being our strength, our portion, our strong tower,etc. But when confronted with an unbeliever who is incredulous about our faith, what examples can we give of His being these things in our lives? Not many.
However, this requires a leap of Faith. A leap that many of us are unwilling to take.