Monday, July 27, 2009

Natural Ways to De-Stink!!

I have been, over the last year, trying to find ways of removing BO without using aluminum-based antiperspirants. You see, I have a theory that has no basis in science, it is just my own thoughts--but I wonder if the increase in Autism and related disorders could be linked to aluminum and breast feeding. More women are breastfeeding now than thirty years ago, and the rates of autism is on the rise. Everyone know how bad aluminum is for you--so why not? Anyhow, I have been avoiding using it except once in awhile, when I wanted to be sure to be stink-free(like a funeral...).
Anyway, has anyone (out of all you millions out there) ever found a concoction that works well? So far I have tried using mineral salts that you wet and rub under your arm, I have tried a homemade powder of cornstarch, baking soda, and tea tree oil, and also straight tea tree oil, dabbed on a wash cloth. My father-in-law suggested using colloidal silver. I have also checked out ones at the natural food store nearby. I have also taken to washing underarms every day with anti-bacterial soap, which seems to help.
I figure, you know, God made our sweat glands for a purpose, and if they are blocked and kept from allowing wastes to flow out in our sweat, then all that mess is locked inside, where it could do more damage.
I don't know, perhaps I just have more and worse-smelling sweat than most people, but it seems that most home remedies only work about 6 hours before I notice odor,and either stay home so no one smells me, or rewash and reapply!!
Also, I noticed it worse when the weather warmed up and I started weeding the garden twice a week!!

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  1. I've been told to use white vinegar in the rinse cycle for clothes that tend to get smelly (underwear, certain t-shirts, etc) because that will cut down on the odor attaching itself to your clothes, which compounds the smell problem.


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