Monday, August 31, 2009

How I have spent the last Week

We have been on "vacation" this last week at my dad-in-law's house. My bro-in-law is here with his family and two of his youth group members. Earlier in the week there was my sis-in-law, her hubby, and their foster daughter. So it's been a busy, yet relaxing week. We went hiking one day to Rickett's Glen, a waterfall hike near Muncy, PA. Beautiful!! However, it was hard to hike in the pouring down rain. We went one-quarter of the way down the gorge and then back up.
We have cooked over the campfire several times, which has been fun. And have cooked a couple big breakfasts which were good!!
Let's see, I worked on the stones for my business--must have near thirty of them done!! I have read a few books, and done a lot of swimming (d-i-l has a pool). Played with my boys, tooks some naps, used disposables instead of cloth diapers, and now I'll tell you the best part of the "vacation"--learning how to split wood.
HUH?? I am sure you all think I am nuts. But really, my b-i-l was splitting firewood for my d-i-l and I asked if I could help. So Jon showed me how to use the maul, and I've split wood three different times over the last few days. Today I did nearly the whole pile (minus three logs) by myself. Jon (b-i-l) has this weird splitting maul that is a six or eight inch long wedge, but it is just a triangle. I guess it's really old, and they have never found another one like it, but it is about 12 lbs. I would guess, and does the best job of splitting even the biggest logs! I have been surprisingly not sore, and as a SAHM of three children, I don't get to exert myself very often. It felt GOOD!! I will post photos tomorrow if I can get out and do some more. Who woulda thought?

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