Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Ya'll know we have four children. In today's day and age that is a larger than normal family. There are other families that are even larger (like the Duggars). Many of the people concerned with overpopulation feel that these families use too much of the world's resources, and that they are selfish to do this.
I used to struggle with how to answer longer.
Several months back, there was a news story about Nicholas Cage foreclosing on his mansion. Did anyone see the gaudy, lavish (and I think ugly) pictures of this money pit? People see large families, (who oftentimes are more concerned with recycling, buying used clothing/household furnishings, drive used cars etc) and assume they are gobbling up too much food, fuel, water etc. But what about these pro-athletes, actors, and musicians who spend grossly on lavish mansions and estates?? And all the fuel, food, and water to upkeep these things?? No one dares speak against those things, or about how fair or unfair it is.
Just an interesting thought.