Saturday, July 25, 2009

Frugal Ideas

As a family living on one income, we are always looking for ways to save a buck or two. One of the most interesting ways I have discovered recently to save money is off the beaten path. About a month ago, we purchased homefried doughnuts from an Amish lady who lives in the area. I found out at the time that she also runs a bulk food store. So I went back to browse one day and WOW!! What wonderful deals she had!! She carries Dutch Valley Bulk foods. You can buy flour, sugar, spices, salt, butter, cornstarch, cereals(hot and cold) and lots of other things too, for way less than you would get even at a "discount" outlet like Sam's club. You see, since they don't pay for electric and stuff, their overhead is lower, so they can afford to charge even less. So, go for a drive to an Amish area (or Mennonite) and see if you can track down your own bulk food supplier!!
*not that you have to be amish or mennonite to sell these products, it's just usually cheaper if you do.

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