Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cracked me up today!! Nathan and I were playing around on the floor this afternoon(my son)and he was pretending I was a cow. He sets me up to "eat" some "hay" and leaves the room. He comes back in a minute with a toy bucket and says, "okay, moo-cow, time for me to milk you!"
Chara and I lost it! We laughed soooooo hard. He was insistent, however, and
moo-my had to insist that he was NOT going to milk me...
Let's see, any other howlers?(to use an Anne-ism).
Baby kept on pretending to hand me something and then take it back and laugh. That was pretty hilarious.
One of these days I will acquire some way of posting pix online and then I'll put pix of my cuties for ya'll to see. Not that there are many followers listed yet...But I shall not get discouraged. Keep on bloggin'!
Hafta spend some more time thinkin' about other good blog topics!!
Love ya'll

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  1. Hi Laura! I'm sorry about the loss of mom-in-law. How cute and creative Nathan is! How blessed you are that you get to be home enjoying that creativity! Keep on bloggin'!


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