Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Update

Hello World. I haven't posted in several days, cause we have been so busy. I don't remember how much I have or haven't posted about everything, so here is the big scoop. We are moving. To Altoona, PA.
About a month ago, the company my dear husband works for dedided to close its doors. However, they made the offer to relocate anyone interested in staying with the company. He applied, and they came through with an offer of a new job near Altoona, PA. He will be working as a Counselor-2, with troubled boys at a residential facility--pretty much what he does now, and has done for quite a few years. He will sustain a small pay raise, and keep all his current vacation, benefits, and retirement that has been started.
As of right now, we have put a bid on a house to buy(as rent is pricey), and so far, things look good. The sellers should be signing the papers on Saturday, and then we can submit the loan application, and hopefully get things going. We are paid up here til the end of the month, and will move our stuff out then(we have permission to move it into the new house early), and me and kiddos will be staying with my mom and dad for a coupla weeks til the closing. This is all hypothetical of course, til Saturday. Chara starts his new job on Monday. We'll pack him up and he'll drive down on Sunday--and I'll be as lonley as lonely can be til we are moved in!!
This has had to happen very fast, and all the decisions have been made very fast, out of necessity. There hasn't been much time to think about things. We are sorry to be leaving the area, but are thankful that work has been secured for Chara, and that housing has opened up that we can afford.
We may, however, not have internet for awhile. It's not exactly a need, and until we get a feel for the budget at the new house, we will have to do without it. So around the end of March, if I seem to disappear, that is why(though it could drag on into April at mom's). I will try to let you all know before we move, so you have some idea of what's happening.

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