Friday, March 19, 2010

Thoughts On Obamacare

I was unexpectedly at my mom and dad's last night, and took full advantage of the opportunity to watch as much FOX news as I could. I also took in a five minute u-tube video of some of the things that are in this healthcare bill.
This bill is so disturbing.
It's 2700 pages--who could possibly read that?? Or understand the legal, official jargon it contains??
The video I saw listed page numbers and sections and described some of what is in the bill. Here are some snippets (without the page numbers, as I didn't write them down.)
-There is a dollar limit on how much medical care we can receive. It was $5000 for individuals, and $10000 for a family per year. Let's see, I have been taking a prescription for this pregnancy that is $4000/month...hmmm...what would I do??
-There is language that indicates that the federal government would have access to all our personal and financial records--like checking account numbers and stuff like that, and could access the funds therein.
-All illegal alliens would be covered on our pocket. We would be paying for medical services for people who don't work or pay taxes in this country!!
-Doctors wages would be capped--even specialists. All doctors would be government employees and would be told how much they could make.
-A government committee would be the ones to tell us what coverage we could receive from this plan--not our doctors.
-End of life situations where a patient is terminally ill, could end in having government officials suggesting euthanasia, as opposed to long-term treatment or hospice care.
-Employers who pay part-time work would be forced to pay for medial premiums for those part-time employees, and their families (talk about a way to drive lots of companies out of business!!)
-Marriage and family therapy would be under this cloak as well--federal government barging into our personal family lives!!
Is this not disturbing?? When the government gives, the government has the right to take away!!
I have heard that many many doctors would either quit, or take their retirement should this pass. The number I heard was up to one-third of the doctors in this country would do this. Also, how many young people are going to be inclined to take up the medical profession in the future??
Not to mention questions about disabled individuals who need very expensive medicine and/or treatments. Or perhaps even families who have several children (like my own)--I could see baby number five or six being on the way, and having a case worker tell me, "I'm sorry, but you have reached your childbearing limit--the only option that will be paid for is abortion." That would be a short step to a country like China, where women are literally pulled from their homes and dragged to an operating table if they violate the maximum child law.
Don't get me wrong. There are things wrong with the healthcare system in this country. Cost is getting out of hand. Out of pocket to have a baby in a hospital--and that is all natural and no complications, is around $10,000. That is in this area. I am sure there are hospitals that charge even more!!
My suggestion is this. What if every hospital (except perhaps tiny ones like the one I was born in), had their own "health insurance" plans. So that as long as you received your care at whatever hospital you paid premiums to, you would be covered. They could even divide premiums by income, to insure basic coverage for lower income families, and allow for very hefty premiums for those who want all the bells and whistles covered. That way, all the people in a region could be sending in money to the hospital they use, with premiums ranging from say $50/month for basic/emergency care to say $300/month, for the most lavish plan. I am sure some sort of prescription card could be worked up for discounts, as well.
It seems like it could provide working capital to struggling hospitals, the people in one area would be, in essence, helping each other--neighbors helping neighbors. Sure there would have to be some bugs worked out, but I think it would be a much better option than Obamacare.
My dad, who was born in '39 and grew up during and after WWII, says he remembers the days when an office visit was $5. He also remembers how most doctors had a pharmacy right in their offices, and would fill your prescription right there. Most people in years past didn't even have health insurance. Health insurance is a new thing. If everyone had to pay for their health care without the use of insurance, I am sure prices would drop. They would have to, because no one could afford it otherwise.

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