Monday, March 15, 2010

Inner Versus Outer Circumstances

I just read a thought provoking post at about a young woman who is struggling to honor and serve her father and family. She expressed feelings of depression because her father isn't doing and being what she wished he would. She struggles on a day to day basis, if she is not directed to stimulating and challenging work that suits her. She seemed to be pointing a finger at the Botkin girls almost in jealousy of how their father seems to direct and guide them so well, and saying, more or less, "I'm more limited than you because my father won't do what yours does."
I have struggled with similar feelings as a wife and mother. I have three,(almost four) boys, ages five and under. The constant upkeep of basic household necessities is overwhelming at times. The necessary thought and preparation for homeschooling my oldest is hard to squeeze in. There are days when at the end of the day, things seem more chaotic than at the beginning, even though I have been at it all day!!
My husband, who is very sympathetic about the plight of young mothers with small children at home, and helps a lot, and gives me tons of encouragement, and lots of appreciation, still has his own things to attend to. I help him by freeing his mind of the household concerns, so he can focus on his job, and help the kids we works with.
This does not mean that this comes naturally. It doesn't. Sacrificially serving others day in and day out never comes naturally to any of us. Especially in a day and age where status, respect, and the paycheck are the proof of the value of your work.
When Dear Husband and I went to the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference in Kentucky, I listened to a speaker who dealt with the topic of women's ministry. He used the passage that describes how the older women must teach the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be sober, keepers at home and all the rest. The point he made was that the reason the older are to instruct the younger is because the things listed are not things that come naturally to the younger women, and they need the help and encouragement of the older to work their way into this role, the way the Lord would have us do it. And I will tell you, it would be a ton easier to learn these things under the guidance of a mother, than 'on the job' after you are married!
Taking captive each thought of the day, and making it obedient to Christ is the hardest thing to do. But it is the most important thing to do. It doesn't come naturally either, but it is the thing that can change our perspective from complaining to thanksgiving, from resentment to gladness, from bitterness to contentment.
I would suggest to this young lady that as she focuses her energies on serving her family and father, that she be on her guard against times when she finds thoughts creeping up on her that are opposite to what she should be thinking. Anyone in the world can be discontent about their circumstances for any reason, be they justifiable or not, and the most challenging and stimulating thing anyone can do is learn to control the kingdome within.

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