Sunday, March 21, 2010

When the Budget is Tight

We will, God willing, be moving into a new house soon. We will be moving into a new(to us), big, beautiful house. Can you tell I am looking forward to it??
However, it will probably stretch our limited budget even more than it is now. My dear friend, Holly, has heard my ramblings about home-making.
I am not one of those people who can take a bare house, buy a few odds and ends at a junk store or yard sale, spray paint them and make my house beautiful with them. I don't have that nack. Does anyone else struggle with this??
If my house is relatively clean, and picked up, that is about as decorated as it gets. I do put some pictures on the walls, and use a few dresser scarves or doilies and such, but I just have a hard time seeing how things could look. And we rarely have the money to do much.
I have decided, however, to put a category in my budget in our new house that will at least provide a little funding if we want to re-paint or such.
I wish I knew the secret to making a house a home, visually. I am not talking about being so fussy about how things look that I get grumpy about it--but just to maintain a degree of simple beauty in the house with whatever simple things I come across, or could make myself.
How do you-all create atmosphere in your dwellings??

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  1. Seek out someone who seems to have that knack & pick their brains. Also, simplicity. And when looking for furniture, try to find pieces that can be used to hide stuff that doesn't look great out in plain sight (eg:photo albums, bills, etc.) You know I don't have the knack either. The main thing is that people feel comfortable in your home-especially your own family. Love, Mom


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