Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's the Matter with Boys??

I went to a new church today. With Chara away at his new job, I decided to be adventurous and go somewhere completely new to us.
It was a friendly church, with a nice atmosphere, and the people were helpful(ie I needed a changing table as soon as I got there...).
I troop in with my three boys and my protruding stomach. Several people welcomed us, and asked us about ourselves. However, every time I said I was having another boy, all I got were groans and almost sympathy.
Now, I am not saying I don't want a girl, I do. But someone tell me, why are boys so bad?? One lady even said that her daughter had two boys and then took measures to be "done", just so she wouldn't have anymore boys.
There are things about boys that can be scary, as a parent. They can be more aggressive, and daring, which can put them into danger. As far as I know, none of the school shootings took place with a girl on the trigger.
But if you look at society, what makes society safe, free, charitable, and moral more than anything else?? A society of upstanding, righteous, God-fearing men.
Yes, boys can be energetic, hard to control, and difficult to parent in ways that many girls are not (though there are exceptions...). But I don't think good women have the same effect on society as a whole as well-brought up men, and boys will grow up to be men.
So as we do the daily difficult grind of parenting our boys, let us remember that these little boys will grow up to be men. And it is how we shape their character now that will ultimately determine what kind of men they will grow into. Think about that boy with the gap-tooth grin, and unruly shock of hair as a husband and father someday. Or as a future employer or employee. Think about his faults and sin-tendencies, and then boot him up ten years. What do you see?? Will he be the kind of man that will be a benefit to society, by his strong leadership, servant's heart, and his willingness to sacrifce?? Or will he suck society dry by his shallow desire for pleasure, entertainment, and run from responsibility??
We must decide now. When they are young. So that in the future, our own children will want boys, because they know how vital good men are in society.


  1. You, my dear, are doing an excellent job of raising up these future men! I'm thrilled that God has chosen you and trusted you to raise many boys into fine, God-honoring men! I am one mama of girls who is thankful that you are up to the task!!

  2. Well-said! Ditto on Holly's comments! Love, Mom


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