Saturday, February 6, 2010

What things are happening...

Life is so unpredictable. Just when you think things are settling down to a degree of permenance, the Lord changes your circumstances to see if you are still depending on Him, or whether you have started depending on the job, the schedule, the money, etc.
Curious?? Well, my husband got notice this week that the entire facility in Harrison Valley will be closing down as of April 9. All eighty-odd employees there will be out of work, and insurance by the end of that month. My dear husband says he had felt it in the air and knew that something was coming, just our heavenly Father preparing him...
So, we are busily (not frantically) putting together resumes, cover letters, and keeping eyes and ears open for any possiblity of work for him--especially work that would provide benefits for me (for the baby coming).
There is a possibility that he could be selected for some other position open elsewhere, as the company has promised that any willing to relocate would be given first dibs on jobs in other locations, but for as many that have lost their jobs, the few openings that there might be would not span to all of them.
I simply write to let you all know, as we could very well be moving sometime in the next two months--or at the very least, things could very well change in lots of ways--finances, schedules, location etc.
Please pray for us. However, this does come at a time when we have wondered what we should be doing, and whether any changes should be made. The Lord doesn't allow us to be indecisive. He comes in a makes the decision for us.

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  1. Dad shared this with us and we have been praying for you all. Keep looking to God for he will lead you. It may be tough, but you will get through it.


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