Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Note On the Last Post

Did I mention that if you research this phenomenon a little bit, with families all over the industrialized world shrinking, there is actually some concern that as the older populations age and need more care, there will be a shrinking workforce of chidlren and young adults to pick up the tab?? Vision Forum has a book in their catalogue called Demograpic Winter. It deals with this topic. So eventually, all of our parents will need help and aid, and there won't be enough of us to care for them all!!
And meanwhile, the Muslim poplulations(who have large families) will outnumber us probably 3 to 1, or more.
Just something to think about. Besides, when you get older, wouldn't it be more of a blessing to your children if there are several to share in your care?? Not to mention how much more cheerful and lively to have several households of grandchildren to visit!!

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