Friday, February 12, 2010

My Thoughts on Unicef

I have been following the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake on Doug Phillips' blog, through Vision Forum. Doug and his team are working to try and aid the orphans within their reach, who have all since been condemned to starvation, dehydration, and possibly death at the hands of Unicef(the UN chapter at work in Haiti). Apparently they are claiming that the outpouring of compassion and the desire to adopt orphans out of Haiti in this time of disaster will result in the s*xual or labor trafficking of these children. So all adoptions have been pretty much stopped. It sounds nice to the ears--of course children shouldn't be sold into slavery for any reason. But due to the limited resources that will stay very limited for quite some time, they are sentencing many of these children to die.
Understand that Unicef has very liberal ideas on abortion, infanticide, and whether or not they would admit it, eugenics--you know, genetic preferences for the strong and able and no preferences for the weak and suffering. Remember, this is the same group of people that frequently hold the opinion that there are too many people in the world anyway, so who cares if a few hundred thousand die--especially when they are the poorest of poor--the least of these. You think the hold on adoptions has to do with compassion and keeping children out of s*x trafficking?? I don't think so. I think they have very specific agendas about this and are allowing the deaths on purpose.
And even if one out of every five hundred children somehow did end up in sex trafficking, (and there is no evidence that that would happen) that is still 499 children who could be cared for and given a home, love and a future. By closing the borders, you could be sentencing half of those same five hundred children to death. Obviously, I am not sanctioning any trafficking, and even one child caught in s*x slavery is a horrific occurence. But the alternatives are even grimmer--if you were a Haitian mother, with three or four children during this time, and knew that your ability to provide for them was pretty much non-existent, would you want to wait day after day, watching your children cry, become sick, and perhaps die, not able to do anything to save them?? Or would you be willing to put them into the hands of people who would do their utmost to place them in good homes where they would be loved and cared for?? Don't be fooled.

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