Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thoughts on Feminism

     While perusing my usual round of blogs last night, I came across an article on www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com concerning a documentary called the Monstrous Regiment of Women.  This documentary deals with the effects of feminism on modern society and where it came from and why.  Now, I did not see the entire thing.  I just watched a trailer for it, but within the article as well as the trailer there was enough information to get me thinking about the topic, as well as some new information that I had never heard before.  This information floored me, as I never quite made the connection before...(Forgive me for the meandering thought patterns...just trying to remember my perspectives as an impressionable young woman!)
     Personally, I would not consider myself a feminist--or at least not an intentional feminist...but living in this world today, it's hard to not have some shadow of feminism creep into your thinking at some point, as it's so wired into the modern brain.  I have almost always considered myself a traditional woman, and even in college, never really expected to follow the career path. 
   From what I remember about high school, I know that from my earliest understanding about promiscuity, I never had any desire to follow that path either.  Now I was raised in a home where levels of modesty were rather high, and privacy was respected.   I don't remember ever really talking to my mother or father about the subject at all, but early on, I formed my standard, and never really felt pressured to lower it.  However, neither did I really "date" or become interested in guys during high school...(sorry class-men of '98!), as most of them seemed completely immature and little-boyish to me.  I didn't attend dances or any other typical high school stuff, partly because we could never afford it, and partly because my circle of friends wasn't much for those kinds of activities.  So perhaps my understanding is quite a bit different than other girls, in terms of what influenced me.  I also avoided books or movies that had inappropriate s*xual content, because the thought of facing my mother with an explanation made my face heat just thinking about it! 
     Unfortunately, most girls of the last 20-30+ years haven't had that kind of innocent, protected, naive upbringing, and by the time many enter college, they have already lost their virginity.  Many girls all throughout middle and high school are under much pressure to maintain a certain appearance...girls feel the pressure to be slender, to have certain clothing styles, to be athletic in some capacity (whether through team sports or dance/acrobatics), and when you combine that with the Hollywood garbage prevalent in media, and social issues like broken homes or latch-key kids where for one reason or another, no one is home or attentive to them, many girls begin to seek attention, love, acceptance etc. in ways that are unhealthy and even dangerous.
     This really wasn't meant to be a comprehensive post about my adolescence...just trying to think through issues of the day, and what I remember my perspective to be when I was growing into womanhood...  Also, while our health classes in school were generally mixed-gender, they were not explicit or graphic in any way, and I am thankful that most of that was reserved for upper high school level.  I imagine most small town/country schools are probably the same way, and are less likely to be pushing contraceptives on kindergartners(like you sometimes hear in conservative news circles). 
     Anyway, information that so floored me had to do with the link between contraception and abortion.  As a conservative woman that runs in conservative circles, I have frequently heard the phrase "feminism has exploited women" but never quite understood how or why.  Weeellll, now I do...and exploit is, (in my opinion), too nice a word...The charge made is that there has been from day one a overarching plan, motivated by greed and the desire to create a Marxist society, at the root of feminism.  And anyone who has read anything on the subject, knows that most of the feminists were self-proclaimed Marxists(Marxist=communist/anti capitalist).  And along with this, CREATING the market for abortions, in essence, by starting s*x education earlier and earlier, and in some ways foisting contraception on younger and younger age girls...It's such a common phrase to say, "Well, they are going to do it anyway, so it's better that they know to protect themselves."  And yet, as I observe a comment in Wendy Shallit's book A Return to Modesty, (this is not a quote), there is this uncertainty among young girls as to what to do with all this "education" about s*x and intimacy...and many wonder if it's presented as a permission slip to begin acting on what you learn...and possibly begin to be promiscuous before you really want to be because you know more than you should before you are ready(and then add in pop culture and other pressures).  Does that make sense? 
     Anyway, the idea is that organizations(like Planned Parenthood) will spend thousands of dollars to "teach" younger and younger girls about "safe sex" in the HOPES that they will become promiscuous, anticipating that many many girls WILL get PREGNANT and hence come have an ABORTION, some, 3 or 4 times over... and the same organization will then reap the financial results of that...and if you look into it, most doctors willing to do abortions are in it for the MONEY...because it's a lucrative business.  And if you think about it a moment, what other motive could there be?  Does Planned Parenthood push abstinence?  No.  Anyone wonder why? Hmmm...maybe after a few years, they would put themselves OUT OF BUSINESS...
     My motive in expressing these things is NOT to pick on anyone who may have had an abortion...if anything, my heart breaks for you.  What I want to express is how absolutely horrifying this kind of manipulation is to consider, and to note how cleverly they have cloaked this under "women's rights and equality issues"...so that anyone who is a dissenter (especially a man) ends up looking like a back country hick who wants his woman barefoot and pregnant.  So the people lobbying so hard for "women's rights" in Washington are really just lobbying for permission to stay in business and to continue to make money off of the women they have duped...
     The scary part is, much of the population would be horrified and offended at the thought that this is the purpose of such organizations.  So much so, that I don't think they would believe this at all, and would discredit anyone who would try to point it out(especially a man).  So many are sooo steeped in this way of thinking that they don't even know the pot's starting to boil. 
     I know that Planned Parenthood has come under rap lately because of their willingness to NOT report it when 14 year old girls come in having gotten pregnant by a 28 year old boyfriend (when 16 is the legal consensual age, and so is considered statutory rape, yet they don't report it). 
     Understanding the business this way makes me more certain than ever that abortion is murder, and the feminism that tries to tout it's option as "liberation" is just flat out evil and is simply a type of evil rebellion cloaked under the guise of "independence".  Read up on it yourself...realize that Betty Friedan, Margaret Sanger and the like were all Marxists and even held to some of the same eugenics philosophies as ADOLF HITLER.  Yup...sickening isn't it?  And yet even Christian women have, and are still, gulping it down...

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