Monday, March 4, 2013

Leftover Chicken Burgers: A Tutorial

Hello Everyone!  Here is my simple recipe for leftover chicken burgers.  If you never know what to do with left over meats, here is one example.  Utilizing leftovers is a great way to minimize waste and save money.  My $6 roast chicken will have given us 3 meals when it's all said and done--that's $2 per meal on meat...not bad for a family of 6.  Okay, here it goes!

Start with LO cooked chicken, and 1 egg for every oh, 3/4cup of meat

Place in food processor with spices of choice.

Pulverize til pasty and ground up.

Heat pan and melt some butter.

Form patties however big or small you need.

Fry til golden and firm--about 10 minutes.

Place on bun or bread and add toppings.

This is really easy and good.  If you kiddos don't like onion, don't tell them--they'll never know!  Also, if you don't have a food processor use a large chef knife(you know, the ones that have a wide, curved blade?) , a large cutting board and rocker chop the chicken(finely) and finely mince the onion. Proceed as above.  It's just a healthier way of making a "processed chicken patty" where there is no filler, preservatives, or other undesirable things! I imagine you could freeze them too.  What other ways could this be served?  Possibly lightly simmered in BBQ sauce?  Fried in meatball sized balls and served on a hot dog bun, with sauted onions and peppers?  formed into a loaf and baked with some bacon on top to make chicken loaf?  Just have to think outside the box...All those suggestions would cheaply feed even a larger family like mine without too much fuss and preparation!

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