Friday, January 29, 2010

I did it!

I have been itching to get at my sewing machine for awhile. I go through spurts where I sew a lot and other times when even buttons don't make it back on the shirts...
But I have had a few projects gnawing on me that I'd like to get done. One being to sew a bedskirt for my bed. We have hiked our bed up so we could use the space for storage. The risers worked great, but it's so high you can see everything underneath. So I thought if I stitched up a bedskirt to hide everything, that would make our bedroom look a little more presentable.
The other thing I have been wanting to try is to make myself some maternity clothes. When I unpacked them, I realized that I had very few winter maternity clothes. The friend who gave them to me was pregnant in Missouri in the summer, so there was little need for warm clothes for her. However, three out of four of mine have been through the winter, and I can't figure out how I managed with so few tops. I found like two pairs of pants and four shirts or so.
Anyway, with my frugal mind, I have been snagging cheap, pretty print/solid sheets at our local thrift store. So far I have a medium blue, light blue, pale yellow, tiny floral print, burgandy, and a pretty tan/brown print. Each sheet is enough to make a coupla shirts or maybe one longish dress. So the other day I measured myself carefully, added on an inch for seam allowance, and last night I drew out the pieces on the first piece of fabric(floral print), and cut them out and started sewing! I finished it tonight, and minus a snag or two, that I was able to iron out(sew many puns!!), it came out perfect and exactly what I was hoping to make. I have never tried making something for myself without a pattern before. I have sewed lotsa dresses and other things for myself, but never without a pattern. What a high!!
The fact that it fit comfortably and adequately shocked me...usually when I go off on my own I don't measure big enough, and it's small (even for non-clothing items). But it worked. It's just a high-waisted, 3/4 sleeved pull over with a scoop neck. I can't show you any pictures cause I'll have to wait until hubby can snap one for me(I can't take my own--nothing to put the camera on, and I can't hold it far enough away).
I still have lots of this print left, and am trying to decide which one to use next. The neat thing is that I could adapts this to a dress, a short-sleeved shirt or dress, a sleeveless shirt or dress etc. Yayyyyy!!!

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