Friday, January 29, 2010

Haiti Has Disturbed Me

I have to say, this earthquake in Haiti and the resulting devistation has disturbed me. The plight of the orphans has especially bothered me. I am usually a hard-hearted type who can watch sponsor-type commercials without any reaction, but I viewed a clip from Doug Phillip's blog(of of the children at one orphanage of which 58 are still alive, many of which only looked about 1 to 3 years of age. All were crying, and from what I have heard, there is no food, no clean water, and they are so scared they cling to anyone who will let them.
All I could think of was my own baby. Keith is 19 months old. What would I do if it was Keith who was one of those babies?? If he (or my other children), had no food, no water, and no one to care for them?? The terror they would feel would rip me up. If I was a mother in that position, and had to watch my children starve, or get sick, I would be panicky.
I tell you, every time I have watched that report, I can't keep the tears from flowing. Hubby and I have talked it over and decided that we are going to be keeping tabs on the coverage and if there is some way of sheltering (be it temporary or permanent) one or more of these many orphans, we are willing to do it. I don't know what will be involved, or how quickly rescue workers will enable these children to come, but we are willing!
Many may say,"But you are pregnant, how will you manage all that??" or "you don't have room in your little tiny house", or "are you sure this is God's will and not just your own imagination?"
All I can say is that I wondered when Nathan was a baby, how I could manage with more than one, and I have three now. Our house maybe small, but it is probably a mansion to any of these children, and as far as God's will goes, His Word tells us that true religion is to look after the orphans and the widows, if we obey His Word, how much more of His will do we need?? Christ wants us to view loving, caring for, feeding, clothing one of these orphans as if we were loving, and caring for Christ himself--for they truly are the least of these--not wanted by anyone really--many left to starve in fear, and isolation.
Anyway, if you want to help, go to and look under Doug Phillips' blog. He is currently on his way to Haiti to do what he can for these orphans, and is in need of funding. They are taking a medical staff, other workers and a film crew to try and get the story out as accurately as possible. This is one ministry that I guarantee will do all they can with money's given, and I am sure Doug Phillips himself (and his wife and eight children) would not hesitate to take a whole bushel of these children into their own home if need be. There is no false holiness there--they are all about following God in obedience no matter where it leads, or how hard or inconvenient it may be. Please join with us!!

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