Monday, May 9, 2011

Quality Time

A while back i remember hearing about how the Duggars try to spend an hour one on one with their children each week. I also remember how everyone seemed to be disgusted with this, thinking that it was terrible that each child only spent one hour a week with their parent. It seems that people have short memories. How many families these days spend that with their children when there is only 2.3 children?? I would probably say many. there are so many families where both parents work full-time, and the kids come and go as they please and very little takes place in the way of passing on values or meaningful interaction/conversation. Those who are so hasty to pass judgement on the Duggars must have forgotten that Michelle is of the stay-at-home variety. The younger children are also loved and cared for by older siblings(how is this worse than full-time daycare?). Also, their lifestyle is one of working together, learning together, playing together. Besides, how many only children have looked wistfully at families with lots of siblings and said, "I wish I had some of those!"

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