Wednesday, April 14, 2010

May Be My Last Post for Awhile

We are moving--finally! We are to move into our new house this Saturday. We close with the lawyer's office on Friday and have rented a moving truck for Saturday. As excited as I am, we will not be continuing to have internet service until I get a feel for our new budget and know about what we are spending on things like electric and water. Maybe eventually, will will sign up for internet again, but not for a while. I'll probably have my mom or someone put up photos of the new baby, when he comes, and perhaps even do an article by proxy, but there won't be much new stuff happening here for awhile.
If I have time, I may post once more before Friday, but only if I have time, and I have a lot to do tomorrow.
Good bye all for now!

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  1. Now that's refreshing--giving up the internet (gasp!) How ever will you survive? (giggle)Some would say you are depriving yourself and your family of a real necessity! Enjoy your time away. I'll miss you!


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